Terms and Conditions

Red Bus Ltd ("the Company") appreciate the opportunity of submitting a quotation for hire together with its standard terms and conditions of hire, which ensure you as the hirer are protected and that the best interests of both parties are catered for.


Charter Organiser

Departure time and Point

The charter organiser has a responsibility to make sure their group is at the stated departure point ready to depart at least 5 minutes prior to departure. The departure point is clearly stated on the Charter Confirmation Form. Drivers are instructed to be at these points and cannot take alterations unless this is agreed with the Depot Controllers or Charter Dept. We will endeavour to meet the quoted departure times. If circumstances beyond the control of Red Bus Ltd arise we cannot be held liable should any delays result. If the group is sufficiently late to the departure point an extra ‘Late Charge’ may occur.


In the event of a large charter (approx 5+ buses) a charge for supervision of the departure and organisation of the buses may be included in the quote.


You agree to cover any costs that Red Bus Ltd may incur for repairing or cleaning a bus due to the group involved in the charter.


Charters cancelled on the day without notice will incur a 30% ‘Cancellation Charge’ of the full price. Charters cancelled prior to the day of the charter will incur no charge.


First time hires may require payment 5 working days in advance. Regular customers must pay on receipt of invoices that are sent weekly. Payment should be made by cheque to the address on the invoice or direct credit. Non-payment of invoices will result in the matter being referred to our debt collectors. Certain organisations have instructed Red Bus Ltd to only book charters on receipt of a purchase order number. It is the Charter Organisers responsibility to provide these. If for any reason one is not provided with the booking, the Charter Organiser will take full responsibility on providing payment.